How to Use Regular Playing Cards to Predict the Future


Way back in the day, I taught myself to read Tarot cards. Do I believe I’m psychic? Not really. Do I believe that things can be coincidental and relevant sometimes? Sure. Do I believe that some folks that seek the testimony of the tarot want guidance in the same way a life coach, parent, psychiatrist, friend or newspaper advisor would give? Yup.

One way of predicting the future is through cards. There are many different types of Tarot decks to choose from, yet the meanings of the individual cards are roughly the same. Each card distinctly paints a very clear picture to the reader. A standard playing card deck is actually related to Tarot deck with only a few differences and it is very easy to translate it into the Tarot meanings.

Learning to read cards isn’t that hard, just a lot of memorization. However, many psychics say they “feel” the meaning, they aren’t going on memory. So, while reading, if you feel that the card is saying something else to you, go with it!

Start with a standard deck, jokers removed. First you must find the card to represent the person you are reading for. There are four elements to work with; age, gender, hair/eye color and personality. Kings represent mature men, Queens represent mature women, and Jacks represent children of both genders.

♥ Heart personas have light to medium brown hair and hazel eyes. They tend to be family orientated, happy, romantic, artistic and reliable.

♦ Diamonds have fair hair and blue eyes. Their personalities are more business orientated, attractive, impetuous, and strong.

♠ Spades have brown to black hair and dark eyes. They are usually in some form of authority, gives good advice, witty, helpful, yet, not too family orientated.

♣ Clubs have white or dark hair, any color for eyes. Their personalities tend to be patient, strongly intellectual, creative, serious, secure, and moody.

Out of the four personalities offered, people usually fall into one of the categories. Once you’ve got the card that represents the person you’re reading for, pull it from the deck, and place it aside.

Shuffle the deck, and place in front of the person being read for. Have them divide the deck into three piles, then return them in any order back to one pile. Now the cards are ready to be read.

There are many ways to “lay-out” the cards to form a reading. For this example, I’ve chosen the easiest one, which only chooses a snapshot of a persons life. This layout only requires four cards including the card picked out to represent the person. Place the person’s card down, then place one card to the left of it, and lastly two cards to the right.

  • The card directly to the right of the person’s card represents what the subject for the reading is, or generally what is going to happen to the person.
  • The card directly to the left of the person’s card foretells when or what events will lead to the future event.
  • The card farthest to the right answers the outcome of the event.

So, for some examples: Q♠ will represent the person – Which is myself, a mature red haired, hazel-eyed woman, who’s eccentric & has no children. Why am I am not a Q♥ ? Because I am not family oriented and don’t fit the norm… Ha!

I will also show you the Tarot cards that relate to the playing cards. The Tarot card’s images are related to their meanings and tend to lend aid in the translation.

4 ♠ Q♠ 7♥ 2♦ = Difficulty in making choices – It’s now time to think of the future – You’ll have work success!


A♦ Q♠ 9♣ K♥ = Feeling incomplete – You’ll meet new people – Maybe a brown-eyed man!


6♦ Q♠ 9♥ 3♥ = Wishing or wanting – Success is near – Marriage or Pregnancy!

Each card has a specific meaning and has to be interpreted with the reader’s mind just as much as the written meaning. Each suit represents four areas in life. Aces are low, and low cards symbolize a beginning, as opposed to a ten representing more of a conclusion. Face cards have the same meaning as before, representing people as opposed to events. The following lists the meanings to the rest of the cards.

Hearts meaning love and happiness:

A = New happiness and joy. Spiritual insight into new or present home.

2 = Love between a man and woman, new relationship.

3 = Marriage, good tidings, possible pregnancy.

4 = Boredom, lack of motivation.

5 = Divorce, loss of a loved one.

6 = New job or meeting an old friend.

7 = Difficulty in making a choice.

8 = Searching for a deeper meaning to things.

9 = Wishes will come true.

10 = Peace.

Diamonds symbolizing enterprise and distinction.

A = New business or social affairs.

2 = Work success.

3 = Someone offers help.

4 = Job well done.

5 = Stress, possible competition.

6 = Good news coming, success is near.

7 = Job pressure, inner strength.

8 = Business trip or messages coming soon.

9 = Maintaining control but shaky.

10 = Under pressure and experiencing life changes.

Spades represents struggle and animosity:

A = Successes are starting to begin.

2 = Stalemated in your decisions.

3 = Separation from a loved one, or possible fighting.

4 = Time to plan for the future.

5 = Lack of sensitivity, possibly a theft.

6 = Journey, moving on with future plans.

7 = Plans not working out as expected.

8 = Inability to think clearly.

9 = Sorrow, misery, sad circumstances.

10 = Loss, depression, broken goals.

Clubs denote money interests:

A = Beginning of prosperity.

2 = Copping with two problems, need to make decision.

3 = Well informed.

4 = Strong pursuit of materialistic endeavors.

5 = Review what’s happening in life.

6 = Promotions, fruits of labor enjoyed.

7 = Growth through hard work.

8 = Stability or possible schooling.

9 = Seeking goals, feeling of being incomplete.

10 = Secure; yet feeling detached.

Telling the future does have its rewards, yet it always should be respected as the gift it is. The future that’s foretold isn’t always the way things turn out. The cards will offer one story to the query’s life, but its up to the person to make it come to pass….. or not.

77 thoughts on “How to Use Regular Playing Cards to Predict the Future

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  2. How fun! This is definitely going to be included in a couple of late-night girl get-togethers. And normally when I visit my folks we end up playing cribbage or gin rummy. Won’t they be surprised when I tell them their futures. :)


  3. I’m so glad I happened across your post. Growing up I only knew people who read regular decks of cards, and struggled with the validity of Tarot cards when I first saw them. In time I realized I had no clue how to read regular cards, but I’m rather good at Tarot. Though I love my Tarot deck, I believe I’ll give regular cards a try once more. Thanks!


    • Thanks for stopping by! I think the only reason I started with playing cards is that’s all I could get my hands on when I started reading (b/4 internet / ability to find tarot cards readily). Now it seems there are a boat-load of folks wanting to learn regular cards, as it’s my hardest hit post. Figures, right? This is a gardening blog!! Ha!


  4. My Nain used to do this, and read tea leaves, she would have visitors come over and go into the Parlour. I’ve got the talent and have used tarot but found some people get addicted to it, so dont do it anymore, I got blamed for things!


  5. What a wonderful post! I have always loved Tarot. I knew that “conventional” playing cards are Tarot “underground” because of the prohibition imposed during the Inquisition when a person could get burned for using them, so like many
    other esoteric disciplines they became “games.” But I never knew how to read them. Do you think the Jokers might be equivalent to the Fool? I would love to have a reading with you!


    • Tarot has an additional 22 cards called the ‘higher arcana’ and that is where the fool falls. These cards were basically their own suit. Fool=joker fer shore!
      I’m so out of practice for reading, however I’d maybe try an unconventional method… I’d have you shuffle cards and tell me their layout. I can translate then. Let me know what you think!


    • 3 = Marriage, good tidings, possible pregnancy.
      A = New happiness and joy. Spiritual insight into new or present home.
      9 = Wishes will come true.

      It seems you have a problem with getting married or pregnancy. This issue will present itself when you think of moving or a happy time like a holiday. Whatever your wishes are, they will come to fruition.

      That is what I get! =-)


    • Good day Martha, thanks for stopping by!
      Without knowing anything about you, nor proclaiming myself as a reader… Here’s what I think your cards say:
      A light haired woman is in the way of you either marrying (or an adoption perhaps) that involves a younger dark-haired man (for marriage) or boy (possibly a new son?).


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  7. Thanks for the insight I happen to stumble on this post online took interest. King of diamonds, King of Clubs(me), 3 Spades and 2 Diamonds…interested to see what this spread means


    • So sorry! Your comment got lost in my spam =-(
      My interpretation is that you are having to leave a loved one for monitory gain or knowledge, either because of a fair haired, older man or he is the one you are having to leave.
      That is exactly how the cards read, I don’t claim to be gifted =-)


  8. hi can i just check, when dividing the deck of cards into 3 piles. do you deal them equally from left to right or do you randomly divide the cards into 3 piles regardless of the amount in one pile. =)


  9. I’m a bit lost on how to figure out the face cards, I understand all of it up until that point because we pulled a King of Spades in my reading but the analysis wasn’t posted, so how is that interpreted exactly as a face value card.


  10. I was looking for a post like this.. This was perfect and with great details. Are there any other layouts though the layout you kindly share with us was good. Thank you for sharing this.

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