Welcome to Midwestern Plants!

Good day!!

This blog will be focusing on the diverse, horticultural environment that is called the Midwest. Our little family also loves to vacation in our travel trailer frequently, so for a change of pace, I’ll post about our adventures camping in the Midwest and beyond.

Things I hang on my wall:

I live in Lake County, Illinois with my husband, Christopher & 2 Border Collies. I earned my Associates Degree in Horticulture (Natural Areas Management), a Certificate in Landscape Maintenance, Urban Forestry Management and obtained my Arborist license from the International Society of Aboriculture. My desire to help others drew me to the University of Illinois Master Gardener program, where I volunteered for a time, answering the public’s gardening questions. Currently, I work for a well-known landscape firm as an estimator & plant buyer. Recently (1/2016), I earned my qualification in ‘Risk Management in Trees’.

If you have any questions, please ask!

I will be happy to address any questions.

Enjoy your day!

Ilex Farrell

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Midwestern Plants!

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