Start Thinking About Spring Flower Containers!!

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Happy Spring!… ? OK, Really, is it Spring?

Last year the convertible top was down, I was wearing coolots & the thermometer read 78F here in the Midwest!! Today we are a blustery 16F. Ugh.

Welp. Hopefully Mother Nature won’t make us wait too long for the beautiful weather. In the meantime, it’s time to start thinking about your outdoor spring container displays.

Be sure your container / pot is very clean to start the season. A good, stiff brush dipped in a 10% bleach solution will do the trick. This will kill off any of the nasties waiting to infect your flowers. This cleaning should take you through the season also. No need to disinfect after each season change. (Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter)

Spring flowers such as; Petunias, tulips, hyacinths, primrose, cyclamen, hydrangea, muscari, snap dragons, ranunculus, helleborus, viola, ivy and diacia are just a few cool weather choices.

Give your display a bit of height with pussy willow or forsythia branches. If cut at the right time (pretty much right before placing in display) they will also bloom, adding to the WOW factor.

These flowers will last until the weather turns hot & then it’s time to switch over to your summer display.

© Ilex Farrell

7 thoughts on “Start Thinking About Spring Flower Containers!!

  1. 16F?! omg, I think I would die.
    I love container picture with tulips and hyacinth. I routinely bend down to smell (read: huff like a drug addict) them in my mom’s yard. And who doesn’t love cute lil’ tulips?

    Nice post 🙂


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