Emu Egg Quiche

I am enrolled in ‘Urban Forestry Management’ this semester at my local community college. One of my classmates volunteers for a wildlife sanctuary that has emus. We chatted about different types of eggs, as I had recently discovered duck eggs for baking & the richest scrambled eggs ever! She told me the emu were laying eggs at this time & she’d be happy to bring me one.

Emu egg

Blown-out emu egg shell.


She brought in the egg to show me, but because the shells are worth between $10 – $30, she gave me the ‘egg’ not the shell. She had blown it out into a container for me.

Just one emu egg is the equivalent to one dozen chicken eggs. Hmmm. What do you make with one dozen eggs… Quiche! I did have to change the proportions in the recipe, but it turned out pretty yummy!!

Emu quiche

Emu quiche. Recipe = 1 egg!


Enjoy the day & keep on planting!

3 thoughts on “Emu Egg Quiche

  1. Wow, 12 eggs? That’s incredible! I’ve seen ostrich eggs used on “Chopped” on the Food Network, but I’ve never known anyone other than a professional chef to use one. Quiche sounds like the perfect idea for that many eggs — otherwise that’s a huge amount of scrambled eggs or omelettes!


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