St. Thomas Flowers

I’m no photographer, but I did sleep at the Mafolie Hotel before I took these! Ha!

Considering it is snowing here in Illinois, I went back to some photo files from my wedding/honeymoon in St. Thomas (April of last year) to find some warm, tropical reminders.

Most of these were taken at the botanical garden, better known as The Great House and the rest at the butterfly garden. I regret not having identified them before I left, but maybe someone out there knows? Enjoy!












Alright… Back to zone 5 now.

2 thoughts on “St. Thomas Flowers

  1. Those images with the Black and White Butterflies on them are beautiful. It’s such a shame that Butterflies are on the edge of existence in our woodlands and farmland now. At least, that is how things are over here in the UK, in spite of much efforts being put forward in increasing their numbers.


    • This was at a butterfly sanctuary. They were very beautiful & we learned a lot about butterflies. I don’t know a lot about our butterfly situation here, but I’m sure it’s less than perfect. I have heard about the monarchs not either getting to their over-wintering spot of Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico or not returning here. Something it hindering their migration.


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