Spring Flowers Blooming 4/23/2013


Chionodoxa Luciliae โ€“ Glory Of The Snow

These are in the perennial garden beds at The College of Lake County. Such happy faces! They are is a secluded garden, overlooked by a white oak (Quercus alba).


Winter aconites – Eranthis hyemalis


Winter aconites – Eranthis hyemalis

When I look at these, it makes me think of a yoga pose called ‘Tree pose’. Tall, straight, upward, reaching for the sky. “Oh sun, where art thou?”.


Viola papilionacea – Wild Violet

These wild violets are in my lawn… No extra charge! At work today, I had to tell my spray technician to be sure her herbicide killed these poor, innocent spring blooms as my clients are a bit more refined than my wild n’ crazy self. Ha.


Scilla Siberica – Siberian Squill or Wood Squill

This was also in the CLC woodland garden. I’ve got 3 more weeks (classes) until my class is over. Surely there will be more tenants of this perennial bed poking their heads out before class is over.

Enjoy the day & keep on planting!
ยฉ Ilex

8 thoughts on “Spring Flowers Blooming 4/23/2013

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