Spring Flowers Blooming 5-12-2013

As usual, the Chicagoland weather has us all over the place. Tonight we have frost warnings, but then in two days the forecast is for 80F. Hopefully Mother Nature will be merciful and allow us to have a spring and not just jump us into summer.

Malus - Crabapple

Malus – Crabapple


Dicentra formosa – Bleeding Hearts This is the version native to Illinois.


Uvularia grandiflora – large-flowered bellwort or merrybells. These are hard to find.


These are a fav of mine.


Stylophorum – Celadine Poppy or Wood Poppy
I have to place dry twigs on top of some of my plants for dog protection =-(


Euphorbia epithymoides (aka) polychroma – Spurge
If you need a ground cover for the sun, this will work awesome.



Enjoy the day & keep on planting!
© Ilex Farrell – Midwestern Plant Girl

5 thoughts on “Spring Flowers Blooming 5-12-2013

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