A Day in the Life of Me…



This is what I get to do for the next few weeks… Sort ANNUAL FLOWERS.
I get a list of “recipes”  for each clients pots and beds.  Then I go gathering.  It’s actually pretty relaxing to me.  My coworker then goes and plants them. I used to get to go play, but not anymore.  😦 I’m just too important in the office…  sigh.
Here’s some we did last year.





Enjoy the day & keep on planting!
© Ilex Farrell – Midwestern Plant Girl

4 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of Me…

    • Thanks! I didn’t have a lot of experience doing summer pots (winter pots, yes. But that story comes out next November) but I picked it up quicly. It is also more fun when I’m spending other folks money. Material costs are at average $80 & the clients pay around $300 for them. Way easy money IMO… and fun!


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