The Peony – Paeonia

The Peony.

To me, one of the most awesome flowers. I have many favorite flowers at different times, for different reasons, for many reasons! But peony’s are a favorite because they are big, beautiful and SMELL incredible!! They are easy to care for when located correctly in a sheltered but sunnier site. These are on the northwest corner of my house. The wind nor the rain hits them, so they don’t flop or get pummeled. They did get downy mildew for the first time this year, which doesn’t surprise me with all the rain we have gotten. I love to cut these and bring them into every room of the house!

image    image

Beautiful flowers!!



Downey mildew on peony. An aesthetic problem mostly. It will cure itself when we dry out, well, if we dry out.



© Ilex Farrell – Midwestern Plant Girl

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