The Boys and Storms


Breck in the bathtub

We’re going to have some huge thunderstorms tonight. I can see them on the radar and they will be arriving in about 2 hours. I’ll fall asleep and then will be awoken to the thunder and lightning an hour into my slumber. It’s all good, I do love a good storm. It was also extremely windy today, but ironically, now that the red / orange / yellow blob is headed towards us, there’s an eerie calm in the air.


“Hey! What are you doing in MY spot?!?”

My border collies are terrified by the storms. They know it’s coming and are staying close to me now. I don’t need to check radar to know the storms are coming, they tell me. Breck (who we think is really close to purebred) is the elder at 6, and was a rescue at 6 months. We think he was kept outside 24/7 as he was from rural southern Illinois. Storms bothered him since we got him. The upside is that once he finds a safe place he doesn’t pant or shake.


“Fine, I’ve got other hideouts!”

Oreo, on the other hand was fine when we got him, but now after watching Breck freak-out, he’s starting to do the same. He’s doesn’t shake and pant like Breck, but he likes to go where Breck goes and generally, that is the bathroom. I guess it’s pretty smart of him to go there!

We’ve tried everything (we think) to help him from a Thunder Shirt, running him tired before the storm, NOT coddling him and desensitizing by playing storms softly on the stereo. Nope, he even hears storms on the T.V. he’s bathtub bound. We don’t want to put him on drugs, as he stops reacting (panting, shaking and having big, scared eyes) when he does find a spot to hide.


Alternate location #4

Breck in the RV bathtub

Breck in the RV bathtub


“Where’s Brecko?”


Does anyone else have a dog with anxiety? Do you have any success stories? If so, please comment!

7 thoughts on “The Boys and Storms

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