My Dream of a Perfect Day…


My perfect day would start out something like this….

I awoke to the feeling of my neck being rubbed, and the smell of newly blooming peonies. Chris said good morning, and I mumble back. I looked outside to what seemed to be a beautiful day, stretch, and followed the aroma of fresh brewed coffee.

I started the day feeling smart, as I defeated the crossword puzzle. Feeling frisky, I hopped on the scale to be delighted in the fact that I had lost 4 pounds. Today was going to be a good day!

It was a cool June morning, but Mr. Weatherman promised an 80F day. I leap on the tractor, to take what I call the “food wagon” to the barn to feed my animals. Bossy my cow, had already been fed and milked. The new brood of kittens with momma cat Whiskers at the helm were enjoying their morning milk pan. I took care of the goats, horses, alpacas and fed all of my dogs. Last but not least, I gathered some fresh eggs for breakfast.

Back at the house, Chris cooked up some wonderful scrambled eggs & bacon. I got my act together at home, and was off to ride to work by 8:30.

I love the horseback ride to work, as its only a mile there, and it gives me the time to either collect my thoughts (going) or calm my thoughts (returning). This day was an important day. Two years ago, I had received a grant from NASA to build a new concept bio-dome slated for the surface of Mars! Today, we will be gathering our last bits of information and finalizing the presentation we will be making to NASA next week.

I arrived at work and everyone was already in a flutter. We were a very organized group, but it looked like Christmas Eve at the North Pole. I went to my office, which it really wasn’t, it was to be used as quarters for one of the 20 astronauts allocated to spend 1 year here. I would be the “Houston” to this project during that year. I took a glance at my desk to see if there were any loose ends to tie up, and there wasn’t. So Kewl! That meant I could go out into the garden areas to check on things there.

Aside from the animals, this was my favorite location in the dome. Sunlight beamed thru the treated dome surface as it not only collected energy, but also reflected the harsher rays away. The percentage of space allotted for the garden was large. This was the backbone of the dome. All the plants in here had a job and a purpose.

Basically, my job was to keep the atmosphere in check inside the dome. All of this was taking care of by the plants. Happy plants = air, unhappy plants = death.

In my design for the dome, I chose plants that had multiple purposes, food + air, food + water, are examples. Though there were storage bins of food available, ultimately, we were trying to design an Eden, where everything was eco-balanced. We could never top Mother Nature, but we did a pretty close rendition.

I almost couldn’t keep the growling of my belly to myself when I was paged that my best friend Debbie was here to pick me up for lunch. We jumped in her Ford Thunderbird and headed off for a great out-of-the-way sushi restaurant. We got caught up on each others lives and enjoyed the lake-front view. Time always flies when I’m with her, so before I knew it I was back at work.

I slid in the back way so I enjoy a 15-minute sabbatical in the greenhouse. The air was warm, rich with oxygen, and fragrant. I always had great timing going in there, and today was no different. Ah, quiet, just like I like it.

I left the greenhouse on my way to the 1:00 meeting with all the departmental heads. The topic of today’s assembly was to address any last issues, and at 2 pm, have a dry run of the presentation. Everything had been running really well. We had a few concerns over the freezing method that was to be used, but soon dissolved any issues. With a very short to do list the team got ready for the production. Of course, the presentation came off without a hitch, and we all got back to our last pressing task of the day because TGIF, no one’s staying after hours!

My last task of the day was to check on the animals. We had chosen these animals for a variety of reasons, but not for food, well, unless need be. Chickens actually provide a large amount of eggs for the small area the need to live comfortably. The cows we have were not kept for conventional reasons; methane gas & manure are staples on Mars as fuel sources. After giving all the animals a bit of affection, I looked at the clock to see its 4:55, time to head calmly to the door!

The trail I ride is quite beautiful. I’ve been guilty of tossing in a few flower seeds randomly. Usually, I love to lazily view the countryside, but, not today, so I had my trusty steed Stormy at a full run. Rounding the last bend, I saw the mailbox & I had MAIL! Stormy knowing the drill stopped right at the mailbox. Hmmm, I may be a millionaire… Sale at the Piggly-Wiggly… OH! All the rest of the mail fell to the ground as I ripped open the envelope that had the return address of City of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I had won the design bid for the first green roof in the city. Woo-Hoo!

I raced up to the house to tell Chris the news. He congratulated me and told me Dad and Rich (my brother) are coming over for dinner. He had already taken my favorite meal, lasagna out of the freezer earlier, and had it baking now. That’s why I always make two lasagna’s when I make it. Since he had dinner on, I went and took a ride on the food wagon again. After that, it was in the shower for me.

Dinner with the family is always fun. Dad always has a good joke, and Rich always had something interesting going on. Nevertheless, this was a Friday, and that meant, “Eat & beat” as my Mother always said.

We were all headed to Summer Fest in Milwaukee, one of our annual trips with all our friends. Many of us, to get away from the “city life” have moved closer to the Milwaukee area, so this was a short motorcycle ride for us.

We arrived in time to grab some drinks and find the stage with Dread Zeppelin blasting out some raunchy tunes. After gathering most of our lot of friends, we toddled off to the Miller stage where Crystal Method was playing. After most of the show, it was time to get to the Z101.1 stage to catch Beastie Boys. I love the set up with two gigs a night!

My friend, John was doing sound for the Beasties, so I headed up to the sound booth as his wife Leslie yelled down to security to let me pass. Nothing like having clout. We caught up, but since the show was about to start, she gave us our backstage passes and we headed off to a better spot to enjoy the show.

All that jumping around from the show had me outta breathe! Free workout is what I call those things, whew. I wanted to give the band a handshake, which we respectfully did, and bowed out of the band room. However, not without procuring a nice pair of t-shirts, signed by the band.

We met out by the River West Stein booth, as it’s Chris’s favorite brew. Everyone was doing a bit of people watching, and all out just goofing around. Unfortunately, it was time to piss on the fire, and go home.

The ride home had been wonderful, as the temperature was a comfortable 75F.  There was a meteor shower going on to top all meteor showers, it was beautiful.

After getting home and almost into my comfys, Chris started joking with me about something, and that just turned into a wild time in the hay, which was awesome.

I laid back staring out the skylight, and listening to the white noise of the waterfall outside. I was scratching Chris’s back, which means pretty much on queue the snoring should start right about, 3,2,1, now. (snoorrrk)

As I saw a particularly large meteor fly by, I made a wish. The wish was that if I were to have a perfect day, the day would be a repeat of today!


© Ilex Farrell – Midwestern Plant Girl

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