Barn Swallow – Hirundo rustica

Our friends have the “Zombie Squad” picnic at Deer Grove Forest Preserve annually in July. The Zombie Squad name has nothing to do with zombies, really. It was a motorcycle club that started about 20 years ago, way before this craziness of thinking we’re going to be taken over by zombies. Although I did just learn about a non-for-profit called Zombie Squad… Wow, really? Interesting….

I digress…

I’ve had my head down, looking at plants so long, I’ve not spent much time looking up at the birds. I also can’t key them out fast enough, let alone the patience to be able to track them down! My best option is to try to take a photo and key it out later. IF I can take a photo of the bird.

I always say, “At least plants don’t move.”

The pavilion that we used had Barn Swallows or Hirundo rustica nesting in the rafters. Or at least what I sure think are barn swallows. I was going to write a bit about them, until I noticed my photos really weren’t stellar enough to clearly see them, let alone google ’em. Poop.

So, I’m going to throw this lifesaver out there. To the best my photos can reveal, are these barn swallows? They had forked tails, but don’t look as blue as on-line photos show them to be. Maybe because these are the girls?

Thank you for your input!!





I only use my Samsung S4 to take photos. I changed my settings at this point to try to get better captures, which helped a little… I think I switched to ‘night’.

Feel free to tell me what the heck I’m doing wrong. I love criticism =-)




There were 4 little mouths to feed at this nest.



Well, worst case scenario, if the ID is wrong, ya’all will get to enjoy these photos again with a newly written post on the correct species!

Thanks for visiting & keep on planting!

11 thoughts on “Barn Swallow – Hirundo rustica

  1. I agree that they are barn swallows. I don’t know any other bird that would nest in that type of location 🙂 Annie


    • They were way too fast for me to see the blue, let alone get them on video flying all around us in the sun. I am fascinated by how patient the bird photographers I follow can be! The central meeting place of a nest was an fast way to ease into it! ha!


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