How an Innocent Clay Pot Became a Pondless Fountain

It wasn’t long after moving into our home that Chris brought home a large clay pot. One of his clients that was an avid gardener, learned I was going to school for horticulture and gave him the pot for me to use. I liked this pot. I didn’t want to just put any ‘ol plant in it. So it sat. And sat. Waiting for that special, symbiotic relationship only a pot & plant can know.

While thinking of ways to produce income for in my new design/horticultural services, I had a thought. What about pond maintenance? Eh, no, too many gross things. How about fountains.. Pond-less fountains! Ooo, I remember seeing a tipped over pot pouring water into rocks. THAT sounds like something do-able, and I have just the pot for it! If a clay pot could smile…

I’m a bona fide Jerry-rigger, following in my father’s (Jerry WAS his name) shoes. I brought up my idea to my husband and he too started to think it out. He is a plumber, but graduated with an art degree from Milwaukee Art & Design School. Between the two of us, there’s not much that stumps us for long.


The first fountain Chris made for me with the pot he brought home.


Another angle.

After our success on the first one, his artist brain flipped to manic… “I can drill a rock, yeah that’s what I’ll do next…”


Don’t take it for Wisconsin granite… but it is!

Hmm. Can the rocks be stacked? Sure they can!


The first balancing act.

My friend is a keen garage saler with a creative eye. She bought these copper pots with the idea of having Chris make a fountain out of them. Whoop, there it is!

Bernies fountain

Pond-less copper pot fountain

Word started to get out. My brother ordered up a challenge. He wanted a large fountain with multiple features. This is where Chris’s plumbing skills shined. All of these are separately adjustable, but only one pump.

photo 2 (3)

It’s the “Bird Attractor 3000”!

web size

Just how tall is too tall?


This one was a loving wife’s birthday present to her husband.


I like the Wisconsin granite with the gray slate. Nice texture.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath…. Exxxxhale. Ah. Tranquility.

14 thoughts on “How an Innocent Clay Pot Became a Pondless Fountain

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