Shark Week Has Nothing on our Pig Roasts!!

Ahhhh a pig roast! Our Serbian neighbor knows how to cause a human feeding frenzy. He roasts up at least 5 pigs and a few lamb a year for his huge family.
Our neighbors moved in about three years ago. When we started hanging out with them and coming for roasts, my hubby wanted to go down there every time they were preparing one to help and learn. He’s now proficient at pig preparation and roasting.
We’ll be having ours in 2 weeks.


Just hanging out.

Our neighbor knows of a slaughter house that sells single pigs for small occasions. This one was 36 lbs. and sold for $107.00 That’s about $2.97 per pound.


Piggy tramp stamp


Greasin’ the piggy.

The night before the boys cleaned up the carcass, shaved the hairs missed by the butcher and pull the interior abdominal membrane. They also covered the meat with olive oil, salt and garlic. Slits are cut in the joints to pack them in the garlic and salt. After that, the pig goes into its large container and awaits Getting mounted on the spit.


Start the timer!!

At about 8 AM, the fire gets started to warm up the ground and rocks. As it was a chilly day for us (70F), the ground took a bit of time to warm up. Hardwood charcoal is used to not taint the meat with crazy flavors. Flame is also the enemy as it burns the skin and makes the meat taste burnt. This is why the charcoal is off to the side and heats the stones under the pig.

The pig needs to be mounted through some of the stronger parts, like the spine and thighs. If you don’t it will fall off the stake when it’s close to completion. Total bummer.


Liquid bacon!!

Some of the advantages of being part of the cooking crew, you can enjoy what we call ‘liquid bacon’. French bread is ripped up and dabbed on the cooking pig. It’s like a bacon sandwich.


It’s not the bugs you need to shoo off the pig, it’s the guests!!!


Are you kidding me?!? Someone already got the brain & eyes?!?

In less than 15 minutes… there was nothing left but the smell of pork in the air. No forks, no napkins, just hands and teeth. Forget Shark Week, We’ve got Pig Roast Day!

We also get to pig out & repeat this all in two weeks when we have my husband’s birthday party & enjoy another feeding frenzy of our own!

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