Summer Blooming Flowers 8-16-2013

Flowering season is about to end. sniff,sniff =-(

I even had to pull out all my stops and visit my FAVORITE perennial nursery to get some of these shots. I can only think of a few more varieties of flowers that will be blooming in the next few weeks. Maybe I can catch some that are still blooming that I’ve missed…

I’ll be going to one of my favorite IDNR (Illinois Dept of Natural Resources) protected area (Volo Bog) this weekend, so maybe I’ll find some late blooming natives.

Enjoy your weekend!!


Eryngium planum – Sea Holly
I’ve not nailed the variety. ‘Silverstone’ looks close, but these were single stalks. I found this in a forest preserve.


Echinacea purpurea ‘White Swan’ – Coneflower


Rumex sanguineus – Bloody dock


Calamintha nepeta ‘Montrose White’ – Calamint


Dahlia ‘Clarion’



Annual sunflowers


Ligularia dentata ‘Britt-Marie Crawford’ – Ragwort


Diascia integerrima ‘Coral Canyon’ – Twinspur


Saponaria officinalis – Soapwort seedhead

Thanks for visiting & keep on planting!

© Ilex Farrell ~ Midwestern Plant Girl

10 thoughts on “Summer Blooming Flowers 8-16-2013

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  4. The sea holly looks ,to me, very much like teasel (dipsacus) the dried heads of which were used in carding wool.This is where the word teasing comes from as in teasing out wool.


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