Fall Season Flower Container Ideas

Really? Am I really writing a post about fall flower containers already? Yes!

The kiddies have all gone back to school, you can’t find a pair of sandals or shorts at the stores, although it will be 90F degrees all week… Welcome to Autumn!

I wanted to fuel everyone’s imagination early so your shopping lists will be ready when the fall plants/materials all become available.

Personally, I find the fall pots to be some of the most beautiful of the seasons.

IMG_9276All the basics from designing a summer container still apply when designing the fall pot:

The only thing you need remember for a well-presented display is: Thriller, Filler & Spiller!

  • The Thriller is that one large plant that is generally in the center and taller than the rest.
  • Filler are those mid-range sized plants, often of ‘fatter or fuller’ stature.
  • Spiller is just that, plants that hang over the edge of the pot.

The only small difference you need to remember is that Fall plants do not grow like the Summer plants do. Basically, WYSIWYG (what you see, is what you get), you do not need to think about a plant growing into it’s place. Fill the pot to it’s greatest extent because this container will only be around for two months at best.

Most Fall plants are also not that tall. We use grasses, sticks and other material to get the height the design requires.

Here’s a list of our commonly ordered Fall plant material:

  • Miscanthus grasses – These add great height & texture
  • Pennisetum millet – Height & texture, fuzzy seedheads.
  • Heuchera – Coral bells – Great colored leaves available
  • Acorus & Carex – A nice bright yellow or white for a great spiller
  • Sedums – Great for spillers
  • Ajuga – Nice texture
  • Rudbeckia – Great reds, yellows and oranges available, also great for height
  • Kale – It comes in many varieties from cabbage/round style to tall parsley-looking
  • Osaka Cabbage – A staple in most of our designs. Fills those ‘holes’ really well
  • Swiss Chard – A wonderful filler that is very colorful also
  • Mums – Aren’t they the official fall flower?!? Great filler
  • Calibracoa – They look like small petunias, but can handle the cooler temps. Great spiller
  • Ivy – Sometimes we reuse the ivy from the summer containers as it still looks great and it’s much bigger than the newly ordered pots
  • Ornamental Jerusalem Cherry – Looks like a tomato plant, but use with caution, they don’t take the cool weather well & the ‘cherries’ fall off
  • Ornamental peppers – Great way to splash in some color to the filler section
  • Crotons – One of my favs! Great for a colorful thriller
  • Pansy – These cool season flowers look great and add great color to the pot
  • Bittersweet or honeysuckle – This one is not alive, but it is a great finishing touch to the design. Unfortunately, it is a very invasive species, but is grown for the floral industry. I wish someone would get a business together where they would ‘wild collect’ this and do a ‘two-fer’ for society, invasive removal & design enjoyment.

Without further ado… Here are some Fall containers to drool over!!

IMG_9411   IMG_9452

   IMG_9499    IMG_3102

IMG_9235   IMG_6940

IMG_7007  IMG_2095

IMG_9258  IMG_9254

© Ilex Farrell ~ Midwestern Plant Girl

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