Madison Wisconsin Farmer’s Market

The Madison Wisconsin Farmer’s Market was on my docket for the long weekend.



Last year our friends brought us here and we were impressed with the produce and everything else going on. The streets are closed all around the capital, and all different kinds of Wisconsin farmers, be it veggie, flowers, chickens, wool, or bakers… it’s full of variety.



A children’s veggie garden

I was on a mission for cheese curds. Not just any cheese curds, the ones I bought last year that were so good that I would give up sex for them. Well, mostly…  Anyway. The booth that sold them was at the end the way we chose to walk, so I had to pass many second rate curds. I would excitingly point to a curd stand, and my friends would shake their heads and say, “No, not this one. ”


THESE are the curds I was waiting for!! Brunkow – Home of Fayette’s Finest!

When givin the choice to use a real, flush toilet or one that can splash blue, smelly stuff on you, I prefer the former. That meant going inside the capital building.

image   image

image   image


I’m not sure how many people can’t read in Madison, but there were many butts on the memorial.

We decided to walk to one of the lakes that borders Madison, Lake Monona.


A green roof!


Rent a bike! These are a great idea to keep cities cleaner.


Lake Monona


Part-time Wisconsin residents

Thanks for visiting & keep on planting!

© Ilex Farrell ~ Midwestern Plant Girl

4 thoughts on “Madison Wisconsin Farmer’s Market

    • Ha! I scratched my head for a second, as I’m not a sports fan, but got it now, Wisconsin ‘Badgers’.
      I also didn’t know about the culling, but do now. I do find it sad, they should try to vaccinate. Us humans are so quick to exterminate things that get in our way. =-(


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