Respect Knowing How to Do It Old School


Kickin’ it Old School!

Kids listen up, I’m talking to anyone under the age of 30 by the way.

You will never understand or appreciate experience until you have it. You will have worked hard for what you fought to know, to learn. Some may never even get enough knowledge in anything to know it.

With experience comes change. Good ‘ol change. Once you think you got an aspect of your career down, a new kid on the block plops itself at the desk next to you and says, “Yo”.

Really, who does this twit think she is? I have been doing this longer than you have been alive! Oh… well… you sure look great for your age…. Anyway.

There are many paths to the same conclusion. Is one way better than the other? If the end-game is the same, why change? Welp. Because. They are not the same. They never are. It’s the ones who are holding on to the old ways that preach end-game tactics… The ones not willing to move forward.

However, the ones who are willing to embrace the conversion and move-on are the ones that will gain the most. They will be young at heart, knowing the most current techniques in their field, although, they will also know their humble beginnings. Many call it Old School. How hard it was in the past to produce something, which now, is hardly billable.

There are also many that laugh at experience… “Who needs it?” they say as they fling their mortarboards in the air. We have knowledge! You have what you may call knowledge, but how does it relate to the real world? Knowledge without experience is a tough sell, just ask anyone with student loans… you know…. the MBA working at Starbucks.

I can equate this whole story to the following statement, “Four out of five young drivers can’t read a map because of GPS”.

Experience is something worth having, worth doing, worth experiencing!


Hip New School

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© Ilex Farrell ~ Midwestern Plant Girl

9 thoughts on “Respect Knowing How to Do It Old School

  1. Did you draw the top picture? It’s impressive.
    I definitely agree. I think it’s like the way that they make us memorise normal lab values and the properties of drugs, even though it would take us two seconds to reference the material in a pocket book or tablet.


    • Thank you for the comment!
      I did not draw the full top drawing, but I was adding a patio and dog run to it. Erasing… redraw.. But I did fully do the computer one at the bottom. I’m the new twit that was old enough to learn pencil & paper, but then upgraded to digital.
      Same thing with us memorizing plants. We could key them out with a book…
      Oh, you’re still a saint in my eyes! 🙂


    • Exactly! Our EX architect is still hanging on to the pencil. Telling me that my ‘computer art’ lacks depth. Whatever…. But, every once in a while an old client will want something new & instead of putting 10 hours into the ‘puter, it’s just easier to do it ‘Old School’ & whip the pencil out.


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