Parrot Flower Power – Monitor your Plants From Your Phone!


Parrot has announced a launch date of November for its Flower Power plant monitoring sensor, a wireless contraption that shares soil space with your plant and informs your phone when it is in need of water, sunlight, fertilizer or a temperature change. The Parrot Flower Power uses Bluetooth technology to send information on soil moisture, fertilizer, ambient temperature, and light intensity to the companion app, which can then give advice regarding your plants.

The Bluetooth connection allows the Flower Power to run for up to six months on a single charge. The data is transferred via Bluetooth (not Wi-Fi) so the gadget stores information every 15 minutes, until your phone is in range. Parrot states it’ll work between 16 and 82 feet away.

The app is where all the magic happens. After selecting your plant from a database of approximately 6,000 plants, including vegetables, perennials, shrubs and trees – various graphs show detailed analysis, and any specific needs of the monitored plant.

More than one unit (plant) can be on monitored on an account. The Flower Power unit will then predict future data regarding your plant(s) and issue a ‘honey-do’ list of chores for you in your yard. Just what you need, another thing nagging you! =-)

Parrot says the Flower Power will hit shelves in November, priced at $40.95. It’ll be available in three colors: brown, blue, and green.

I’ve used the competition (‘old school’) Easy Bloom in the past, but I think the company may be closed or at least the support to this product over. It did work pretty well for what it was at the time. No app associated, you had to pull the unit and plug in the USB port end of it into your computer. This new product uses Bluetooth, so it sounds a lot more user friendly.

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