Paradise Campground – Garden Prairie

Or last trip of the season was back to Paradise Campground in Garden Prairie, Illinois. We needed a place with a sewer to be able to wash all the nasties out of the black tank (poop deck is what I call it!).
The weather Friday night sucked. Very windy and about 40F. Chris had started the fire about 4 pm as it was already cold and it was getting colder. There’s just so much cold I’m going to sit in. I succumbed early at 7 pm.
Saturday was much nicer and we went to the Illinois Railway Museum.


The boys with the Zinger


Getting our sh*t together to leave….. Sigh.

The Kishwaukee River was very calm and almost allowed me to take some mirror images of the trees in it.





I love Urban Engineering. To be fair, on the other side of the house they had squirrel feeders.


R.I.P. 10 year old chair.

Remember how windy I wrote Friday night was? Well, Chris had been tending the fire when I asked him to get me something. He promptly got up, got the tool from the truck and opened the camper door to hand it to me. I looked past him to see his chair had blown over into the fire! I yelled, but it was WAY too late.

Lesson of the Day: Sandbag chairs in high winds. DOH!!



Stalactites have to hold on to the ceiling tight, stalagmites might reach the ceiling.
© Ilex Farrell ~ Midwestern Plant Girl

6 thoughts on “Paradise Campground – Garden Prairie

    • Thanks!! I didn’t take a pix of the chair until the next day. I thought he may have been a bit miffed @ me for publishing it…
      He said I should, as a Public Service Announcement!!! Ha!!
      It was a stalagMITE, as it started at the bottom and worked it’s way up. =-)


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