Vanilla Wafers with Orange Cream Dip

I can’t really remember the details around how this recipe or idea came to me.
I think I was at a friend’s house that sold chief items via parties? Pampered Chef perhaps? I’m not a buying-party attendee. I remembered having this when I was trying to think of a dessert to bring to the Ravinia. A hoity-toity concert venue where most of it is lawn seating and everyone brings food. Anywho, I figured it can’t be hard to figure out…
Use a mixer for the following;

1 package of cream cheese room temperature
1/2 cup of sugar confectioners or regular
Splash of milk
2 tsp orange extract
These are all good starting points, but add or remove to taste.


Serve with mini vanilla wafers. Decorate and serve!image
These little oranges came from my tree.


Thanks for visiting & keep on planting!
Β© Ilex Farrell ~ Midwestern Plant Girl

7 thoughts on “Vanilla Wafers with Orange Cream Dip

    • Thanks! I like to use what I have and I thought they were a cute touch. Many couldn’t believe they were real and actually growing in my living room.
      RE: ‘Happy Monday’… eh, I’ll go with just Monday. I’m just happy to survive Mondays. I’ll check back after 3:30 when I’m outta work! =-)


    • Thanks, it is cool! =-) I bought this little whip for my husband 7 years ago. We were very patient waiting for it to bloom, which it finally did last year and it hasn’t stopped since! It’s the only tree (I’ve seen) that can have flowers and mature fruit at the same time. Crazy tree!!


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