I’ve Got the Sinus Infection Blues…

Happy Thursday.

Not really. I’m home, sick. The kind of sick you wish on your worst enemy. OK, I could think of worse things for my enemy… At least I’m not puking. A head cold landed in my nasal passages Tuesday evening. Most likely, I picked-up this viral gem from one of the many little petri dishes running around at our buddy’s early Thanksgiving feast last Saturday. I very rarely attend events where there are masses of children. It’s not that I’m avoiding them, it’s because most of my friends are like us, D.I.N.K.S. Double Income No Kids.

I can handle most of the parts of a cold, but the worst thing for me is a runny nose. I mean faucet nose. I seriously wonder if it is my brain fluid is draining out of my head. That would explain a few things…

My nose was so red and raw last night that I succumbed to using tissue like a nose-tampon. I’ve never done that before, but my nose was about to bleed. My husband called me ‘The Walrus’. OK, pretty good burn. ‘ZZ Top’, right on, also! But, ‘Santa Clause’ was next, meh, reaching.

I don’t usually take cold meds. They really don’t stop the whole snot spigot from flowing. I know, I know. You don’t want to have a log-jam either. Then comes the air-gasping hard-swallows.  Gaaa. I get up and start jumping in place. Yup. Try it next time your sinuses are blocked. It may only buy you 15 minutes of solace, but you’ll be able to stop breathing through your cotton-mouth for that time. Drug free!


Snot rag Bozo buckets!

I really can’t take most cold meds, they don’t work and I react to them like a crashing cocaine addict on them. Shakes, anxiety, paranoia, racing heart… You can keep all that, I’ll just make Kleenex’s stock skyrocket from sales. I will take Advil for its anti-inflammatory properties and Mucinex to keep snot to a somewhat manageable level. This is just to keep my sinuses from clogging. If I clog, Mr. Sinus Infection is right around the corner.

I did go to a Drugstore Clinic to pick-up some amoxicillin. I was schooled that colds are mostly viruses. Really? I’m pretty sure that is widely known. What happens to me is after the virus, a bacterial infection moves in when I’m down-and-out from fighting off Snot Man! Amoxicillin is all I need to bust the bacterial infection. I can’t take those Z-paks, or strong antibiotics, those wreck my bio-flora, let alone the whole ‘Super Virus’ situation. I was told that doctors were steering away from prescribing antibiotics for a cold. I told her I do have a cold, but I also have a sinus infection. I can smell it. She looked at me as if I emitted a high frequency noise, and then asked how ‘I can smell it’. In not so many words, the bacteria that are responsible for sinus infections are ‘ammonia splitters’ or for us nonprofessionals, they fart ammonia and I can smell it.

I stumped her enough to write me a script with the following caveat “This time I’ll give it to you, but maybe not next time….” I’m OK with that. I rarely get colds anymore; my last one was just about 3 years ago while I was camping. Good times.

I’m off to the kitchen to prepare my 16th cup of tea today, that still hasn’t wet-my-whistle! I hope I’ll be able to break my mouth-breather habits when I go back to work tomorrow! =-O Joy.

Enjoy your Thursday!!

12 thoughts on “I’ve Got the Sinus Infection Blues…

  1. Sounds miserable! Go away bad sinus infection! I too went to a walk in clinic of the Target variety with a sinus infection in early stages and I knew what was coming. I was just trying to get ahead of it to which the clinic replied we don’t give antibiotics for sinus infections anymore, but if I still had symptoms after 10 days I should come back. Seriously,10 days! Anyone who has had a nearly sinus infection knows the misery those 10 days will contain. 10 minutes later I walked out with $60 of OTC medications picked out by the doc. Hmmmm, they made me sick to my stomach. $60 went into the trash. What’s the solution? Getting antibiotics from Canada or Mexico? Ayyy chihuahua


    • Exactly. I’m forty—- I used to get sick fairly often (tonsillitis, bronchitis, sinusitis) due to being anemic. Back then there were no clinics, you had to make an appointment with your doctor and that usually took a few days. By then, I was totally sick! I refuse to feel like poop for that long. I’m not askin’ for morphine! Just some (mostly) harmless amoxicillin! On top of it, if I went to th doctor and was told to wait it out… I’d consider the appointment free. My doctor’s service asks why you’re coming, if ‘sinus infection’ was my answer, I should get a warning I won’t be treated.
      I did forget to add a nice tid-bit I learned. You can bring your RX to Meyers & they will fill the RX for FREE!!


  2. OH I hope you’re starting to feel better now and the meds are kicking in. I’m exactly like with you the need for antibiotics with colds/flus. Those zpak things actually got me much sicker last winter and It’s taken a year for my lungs. Rest well and get better soon.


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