Tony’s Tragic Tale in ‘T’

Back in the day, when I used to carry a spiral-bound notebook to jot my ideas in, I used to enjoy writing what I called ‘Parameter Writing’. What is that? Any kind of writing that has some strict rules to it. These rules could be anything I choose. For this particular piece, I chose to use as many words as possible that started with the letter T.

The tedious, train trip took Tony totally back to the first time she tested the testimony of the tarot. Remembering the theory they translated, temporally tendered her tranquility.

Tony’s tale was traumatic, yet tractable, about a time tequila and tobacco took over her thoughts. The terrible temptation a tavern touted to her terrified her to tears. Though, through telepathy treatment, the thorn of her tiny tolerance took-off thru no tangible trace.

The tarot told Tony that this trip must be taken to terminate the tautologizing tendencies. The translator talked Tony into a trip to a totally tranquil town.

Time ticked by tardily, thereabouts.

The train entered the terminal and Tony took the taxi to the tacitly happy town. There she took time out to think things through. Three months to the day, Tony trekked to her hometown with a trifle of tension to transport.

To this day, she travels triennially, by train to the town she tributes with treating her tenacious taste for Toddy’s. Tony truly thrived tension-free after tuning into the tarot’s translation.

The Terminus

If interested… total word count – 175

Words starting with “T” – 133

© Ilex Farrell ~ Midwestern Plant Girl

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