36 thoughts on “Tough Dilemmas in a Dog’s Life….

    • Oh of course! It’s a fun game! You’ve never played this before? Let me tell you how it’s done:
      #1 – Dog gets object
      #2 – Dog maneuvers said object somewhere not easily reached.
      #3 – Dog informs human of object’s location via whining.
      #4 – Human gets object with long stick.
      #5 – Repeat. =-)

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  10. Poor Oreo! I feel for the poor dog. I remember when Bilbo’s ball fell into the water at Palm Beach and we were left retrieving it with the pool scoop. You might have seen the photo.
    By the way, Lady’s been excelling in a different area lately…smearing her fur with dead animal and using it like a deodorant. I had to give her a shower one night it was that bad. She also managed to roll in a dead shark at the beach. Thank goodness she went for a swim!
    Dogs? Who needs them?
    xx Rowena

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    • I love that photo of Miss helping the poor chap out!
      OMG! Dogs rolling in things is horrible! These guys don’t get the opportunity to find many dead things, but poop is plentiful! 😣
      You’re right also. Poop and dead thing rollers they are.. we still love them!


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