It’s a Week Before Christmas, And All Through My House…

Not a creature was on-line Christmas shopping, not even my spouse. =-)

You may have noticed, I’ve not been posting as often lately. I can’t fall back on my phenology photos as, well, there isn’t anything blooming in the Midwest. I’ve also had a few abnormal things taking place on my island lately.

I’ve been working for my company for three years now and not that it’s a long time, but it’s the first December I’ve been busy doing quotes and not my boring-excel-spreadsheet-no-one-but-me-looks-at-reports. It’s good job security to know your company will be busy in the upcoming year! However. I haven’t been able to wind down in my duties and I come home late and tired.

Since my company is closed from December 21 – January 5th, I’ve got plenty of time to do many things. I had many house chores lined-up to do.. Blech! Paint the bedroom, organize the basement, auto maintenance, etc. etc. But then we thought of a better idea…

My hubby has only been getting about 20 hours a week from his current employer. They’ve even worked out a schedule for him to only work 3 days a week for the lack of work. The other two days, he picks-up his own side work. I really want to go punch his boss in the nose, for how he treats my Leo husband. Ladies, if you have any belief in astrological signs, Leo’s are the best men, IMO. They are loyal to a fault!! Sadly, it will take a ‘persuader bar’ to break him away from this job. He feels loyalty to this guy that treats him like dog poop. Go figure! However, the loyalty dealio works for me, personally!! A N Y W A Y.

So, here’s a good story to help solve what you just read. My husband has been having to augment his income with side work. He’d been working on a client’s home, who was in-between firing and hiring a new contractor. The new contractor’s plumber was talking with the client about that Chris had already done. He liked the work and noticed it looked ‘familiar’… The client started talking Chris up like he could fly and move heavy objects with his mind. The plumber then said he was looking to hire someone. The client promptly gave him Chris’s number.

Chris sent the prospective employer his resume and the new employer figured out why Chris’s work was familiar. They had apprenticed under the same plumber!! What are the chances of that?!? So, last Friday was the interview and today is the working audition. The sit-down part went really well! The shop is only a few miles from my job, they are a start-up company (my husband didn’t want to be a number at a large company), and they seem to have a lot in common. We could only think of one hurdle for this guy not hiring Chris; he only had intended in hiring a 3 year apprentice (about $12 less in pay). However, we feel very good about this and have all of our fingers, toes and eyes crossed for luck!! Please give a shout-out to your favorite deity for this to work out!!

Otherwise, we had also been tossing around the possibility of going away during my big break. Since we don’t really care what his current boss says about him requesting the time off, and the new guy will just have to wait for the ‘Best Employee Ever’ to start work, we started planning our get-away. We also wondered about what the family would say, us leaving during Christmas, but all of them were OK with it. We’ll just be celebrating in early January.

Our first thought was that we didn’t want to drive that far, 10 hours at best. We just wanted to get to better weather than what we were getting here….

wpid-20131216_065034.jpgI whipped out my USDA Hardiness Zone map to see where the  ‘warm nooks’ were that weren’t that far away. Our first choice was Hot Springs Arkansas. We found what looked like a really nice campground on Lake Catherine. Only a 10 hour drive. Sweeet. Fast forward a few weeks. I was glad I procrastinated on making reservations (SO not a Capricorn thing to do!!) as I started to look at the forecast for the area that week… 32F?!? OK, yes, it was much better than what we are having here, but I was hoping for maybe 40F – 50F at least. We needed to rethink….

I started searching the weather forecast websites to see where Mr. Heat Miser was hanging out.

imagesVC554TVRSeems there’s going to be a cold snap that covers the WHOLE U.S. during the week of Christmas! Gaaa! My search became the fastest route to the warmest weather. This will bring us to (drumroll…..) MOBILE, ALABAMA! 13 hours straight south. Well, more like 16 dragging a trailer, but it’s the best we do. It will still be 60F – 68F (Regularly 70F-80F). I found a campground that sounds like an AWESOME place to camp, Magnolia Branch Campground in Atmore, Al. This campground is owned by the Poarch Creek Indians, who are restoring the area (from a quarry) to a box turtle habitat among other natural habitats! This place is right up my alley as a Natural Area’s Management grad and arborist!! I’m so giddy!!!

My last odd dilemma going on within my island paradise is/was writing awards posts. I’ll admit my mixed feelings about these awards now, although I hope I don’t squash others hopes and dreams of receiving them. Don’t read any further if you feel these are the ‘Bee’s Knees’. (Spoiler – Rant coming!!)

I am a new blogger, not even a year under my belt yet. I’ve seen these awards flying around and obviously, have been nominated for a few, which I post in my sidebar. I LOVE the followers that read my blog and nominate me for these awards, however I have some reservations about an awards purpose. I think they do get people communicating, or more specifically, gets a community going. They are an ‘AWARD’, who wouldn’t want an award? (Makes me think of the MAJOR AWARD of a leg lamp in Christmas Story!!) Granted it’s not like winning the Reader’s Digest Sweepstakes, but it’s something that can hang in your sidebar. To me, it means, “Hey, somebody thought I was special…”

As I searched the about pages to my favorite reads for nominating nominees, many had been previously nominated and either ignored the comment or politely turned them down. I got frustrated and gave up looking for nominees. I think over the l o n g break I will be enjoying, I will change my blog into a no awards blog. Unfortunately, the shininess of the awards have worn off. =-(

So, no lack of craziness going on in the Island Of Ilex!!

I wish all of you Very Happy Holidays!!!

© Ilex Farrell ~ Midwestern Plant Girl

11 thoughts on “It’s a Week Before Christmas, And All Through My House…

  1. Hope you have a great break, and I will also hope your Leo gets the job! As for awards, they are way too much work, it’s true. I have been considering being an award free blog for a long time, but I have to admit to liking the community building aspect of it. I like the connections, and the feel of gifting. I don’t mind if someone does want them, I did my part in sharing the love. That’s all I want from it. I have a ton piling up in a draft post, and need to get my thanks out there. It helps that I consider the rules optional at this point. 🙂 Do what you need to do for your peace of mind. You’re not in blogging to follow a set of rules made by others. Happy Holidays! Brenda


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