The Great Dog Fur Debacle – How to (Attempt to) Remove Fur From Furniture

When you have animals, fur is an intimate part of your life. That’s why what you sit on is called FUR-niture! I do love to snuggle with my furries on my couch and bed.


Breck & Oreo – My two border collies

I’m very understanding of hair and fur, as long as it’s not in my mouth. Blech!! I have attempted to try to remove fur from my couch and other things, but I understand that I’m only mitigating the issue. The fur won’t be gone unless the source is, and that is not an option. Of course the boys get brushed at least weekly, but unless I become a bit more OCD and step-it-up to daily, we’re going to have fur issues.

This is my black sheet from the travel trailer. I don’t think they are of real high quality and I don’t know if that matters. The sheets and the rugs in the camper really attract the fuzz. It could also be the fur to floor ratio… I think I’ve only got 35 sqft of floor!!

I have tried many things to collect the fur. Here are some of the weapons I’ve been told remove fur:


I’ve read using fabric softener and these blue balls in my dryer works. NOPE! It just made the fur softer. Velcro Balls just caused a big tangle.


The tape does work, but stock-up! The red thing did nothing.
I know there are things called the ‘Shticky’ or (?) from the wonderful world of ‘Made on TV’, but they only work for one roll, then you’re off to rinse off the hair.



I used the stone and it did nothing but scratch and make scuffs in the material. I use these green wash clothes to clean and since they tend to even want to stick to my dry hands, I thought they would work in the dryer. Nope, FAIL.



Ah, my favorite fur removal tool. Rubber dish gloves.

In the end, I’ve not found a product yet that doesn’t entail a bunch of work. However, the sticky tape words fairly well, but you will blow through a roll in one Queen sized sheet. Go to the Dollar store for this tape, buy 10. That should get you through one large bed.

The next best method is to use rubber dish gloves. They must be the type pictured above, not like sterile rubber gloves. Flatten the sheet on something and rub the glove over the surface, it will collect the fur into a clump, which then can be removed. This works awesome on couches, chairs and carpets.

Has anyone had any luck with any products I’ve not mentioned, or even what I have mentioned? Let us know!!

© Ilex Farrell ~ Midwestern Plant Girl

14 thoughts on “The Great Dog Fur Debacle – How to (Attempt to) Remove Fur From Furniture

  1. I find sticking on a pair of a rubber-soled child’s (clean) trainers (sneakers!) and shuffling backwards round across carpets works a treat. Great on furniture too – but you have to put them on your hands, of course 🙂 I have never had any success getting fur off dog blankets with anything though. Far too tricky! 😦


  2. Thanks for sharing this! I have a short-haired mutt but she still sheds pretty un-wonderfully. To make matters worse I have some hardwood and some carpet. It seems that dog hair collects on your socks A LOT more with hardwood floors than carpet. Then you’ve got mad dog hair stuck to your socks. Sometimes I have to visit the Laundromat and I’ve found that their machines don’t do much to get the hair off my socks. So if you’re in the market for new washer/dryer I do advise looking into how well the dryer gets rid of dog hair.

    Aside from that I’ve only tried the tape roller and like you said it works alright but quickly fills up and I have to use a new sheet when cleaning the back seat of my car. Handheld vacuums with a roller & bristles is a good thing to keep around, versus the handhelds that only have a nozzle that sucks.

    Take care,
    author of “That Which Lives Within”, poetry


    • Thanks so much for the visit & comment!
      Socks! Totally forgot about those picker-uppers =-) You’re right on the dryer thang. Most things stick like glue, but I have gotten lucky with a few things like my sherpa blanket. The fur comes off easily in the dryer and fills the lint catcher.


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