Arctic Blast + Cold Feet = Dog Boots

The temperatures have been outrageously low this past month. This ‘Arctic Blast’ is payback for the winter of 2011-2012, where it was mostly above 30F here. Ahhh, the memories. Instead of snowy dog feet, they were muddy.



My little Oreo is a papered pooch. Although very much a tough guy, his feet are his Kryptonite. He runs out to the middle of the yard, then realizes he can’t get back because his feet have froze. He will flop on the ground, all four feet in the air. It’s one of those situations where you don’t want to LOL (but ya do!!), then run at full speed to go scoop him up and carry him in.

Breck has an abundance of fur in his feet. This works great for winter, but they require pruning during the summer or they will be caked with mud.


I finally decided to try some dog boots. I only bought one pair to test them out. As expected, I almost pissed myself laughing at poor Oreo walking like an Egyptian!!

We’ll see how he does in the future. I’m not sure how much we’ll use them, but I’m glad to have them available.


These little piggies are squealing, “We-we-wee are cold!!”


Breck is going to take advantage of Oreo’s handicap.


Has anyone else noticed photos uploading oddly? I’ve got a help topic in to WP, but no answer yet. If you have noticed photo size issues, please let me know!

© Ilex – Midwestern Plants

4 thoughts on “Arctic Blast + Cold Feet = Dog Boots

  1. Well hello. Yes, on this page most of your pictures are of different sizes, bizarre. Kind of like those Temperatures on your thermometer, that sure is cold. Only one sleety snowflake day this Winter over here in the UK, instead we have tales of flooding misery, although I’m thankfully personally unaffected by it.

    All the Best.



    • Glad you’re avoiding the rising tide! The upside to so much snow is that when it melts, hopefully it will soak the nearby plants that will be thirsty from our cold winter. .. Not flood out areas.
      I’m still bugging about the photos. I used to just load via WP app and voila, all nicely sized. Now, I’m all over the place! I’m patiently awaiting WP support to figure it out….


  2. I had to get boots for my dog too! And we ended up getting the same brand. Kaya seems to do alright with them, we’ll see if they hold up, eh?


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