Organic Farmer Steve Marsh Takes on Monsanto – Another David Meets Goliath…

I grow all organic in my personal veggie garden. Why? Because I feel there is no reason to use harsh chemicals in my vegetable garden and do not want to be eating these same chemicals. Before I go on, I must say that I do believe there is a time and place for pesticides. I do have my pesticide certification for my area, as even an organic farmer must have. Natural areas have some highly invasive weeds to contend with. IPM (Integrated Pest Management) aids widespread infestation of these weeds/insects by allowing stewards to apply pesticides responsibly.

So why has eating, a basic need of life, become so difficult nowadays?  The warning information stated on Monsanto’s web site should be enough to sway any health seeking individual not to eat these foods, but surely the information is written to make the chemicals seem tame. For comparison, here is Roundup’s warning label.  Yes, the food grown by Monsanto is edible, however, many folks can and will develop medical issues they will suffer from and NEVER think to blame the food they are ingesting. Many will go to their Western medicine doctors, who will order expensive tests and prescribe lifelong medications to treat the symptoms to no avail. But just think. If these folks were to just STOP eating vegetables laced with Roundup (among other chemicals) maybe their rashes, anxiety, gastrointestinal issues, etc. would miraculously disappear!

At the VERY LEAST, we consumers should have a choice if we don’t want to ingest chemicals or genetically modified foods (GMO’s), and Monsanto seems to be telling us WE DON’T!

Monday, Steve Marsh, an organic grower will be going to court on this topic. Please sign the petition (via the link below) to help stop Monsanto from interfering with organic farmers everywhere!

Here is the story from The Sum of Us, a great bunch of fiesty folks fighting for our rights!

imageA threat to an organic farmer anywhere, is a threat to all organic farmers everywhere!

Next week, an important case is being heard halfway around the world in Western Australia about organic farmer Steve Marsh, whose organic field was contaminated by his neighbor’s genetically engineered canola. As a result,Steve lost his organic certification and as much as 70% of his Steve’s farm has been contaminated with Monsanto’s patented genes.

In 2010, Steve’s neighbor planted Monsanto’s GMO Roundup Ready canola in a field next to his organic canola and it wasn’t long before Steve discovered that his organic crop had been contaminated. With clever fine print in their seed contracts, Monsanto is not legally liable for their patented genes contaminating an organic farmer’s field due to their “no liability” agreement they force farmers who plant their GMO seeds to sign.

As a result, Steve’s farm income and family’s livelihood has been put at risk. He could literally lose everything.

Please join us and stand with organic farmer Steve Marsh to protect the rights of organic farmers everywhere! Every voice counts!

Dear Honourable President and members of the Australian Senate,

I stand with organic farmer Steve Marsh in his effort to protect his farm and family’s economic livelihood from unwanted contamination by Monsanto’s patented genes.

I’m outraged that an organic farmer’s fields can become contaminated by Monsanto’s genetically engineered crops and that farmer not only loses their certification, but there is no legal recourse to protect them or pay for their economic loses.

It’s important that the Senate hold an inquiry into the post-commercialization impacts of existing regulated genetically engineered crops and provide legal protections and economic compensation for organic farmers whose crops become contaminated.

Farmers and citizens alike deserve to know the impacts that GMO crops and food have on environmental and human health and create laws based on transparency and precaution.


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