Three Season Tree On My Wall!

Black Cherry

My black cherry tree last spring.

I’m trying to get some motivation during these dreary winter months. I’ve gotten a whole-lotta good advice from my fellow bloggies, and one of them was to take photos daily. Even if they aren’t award winning photos, it will keep me in the flow of things. Another is to post on a schedule, which I’m trying to get better at.

I was at a Bed, Bath & Beyond store, trying to get rid of a $15.00 credit, without spending anymore money that I don’t have. I was open to buy anything, as long as it was under $15.

I was walking quite quickly, as I really don’t like to shop. I do love a great deal, but hate the process of looking for said great deal. I glanced at this picture, as it is a dead ringer for the black cherry tree in my back yard, but kept walking. Luckily, my eye was still on it as I moved forward and noticed it had changed! I stopped and picked it up for closer inspection. It was a holographic image of a tree in three seasons; winter, summer and fall. How cool is that?!? Even better, it actually looks like the tree in my back yard.The best part about this artwork? It was $14.99 and I had my 20% off coupon BB&B sends out weekly to me! It brought the total right under my threshold. Awesome!!




© Ilex – Midwestern Plants

9 thoughts on “Three Season Tree On My Wall!

  1. Wow! I love this and second that it does look like your tree. This is a great piece. I’d have kept my eye on it too and subtly freaked out when it changed. Lol. I also like the lower branch on your real tree, that horizontal kind of squiggly one, nice character. Kinda looks like something Dr. Seussish.

    Good luck with your efforts! It looks like there’s some bad and then good weather headed towards the Midwest.

    Have a good one!


    • That branch is what really sold us on the house. Hubby and I saw ‘swing’! I estimate the tree to be about 100 years old, so it also may have been bent while young as a trail marker. Snow today, rain Thursday… ah, the Midwest. Ever changing weather. =-)


      • Yes rain, lots of rain, sounds like a downpour out there. Are you having thunder and lightning as well? Just saw a blast, and to think I was going to run tonight. But I do appreciate the warmth we’ve had these last couple of days, made for some great walks.

        I don’t think I’d heard of people bending young branches to use as trail markers. That’s pretty interesting.


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