Midwest Winter Fun – Lake Hockey


My Bro & his Team

I accomplished some family support by cheering on my bro during his Lake Hockey tournament.  There were 19 teams entered in the 3 man games. They got to the playoffs,  but lost the first game.  The important thing was everyone had fun!


Ice fishermen


My Bro

It was my first Lake Hockey event.  I was dressed warm and had my Bloody Mary’s going on. No ice diluting the liquor today!


With the amount of snow we had,  I would have thought the berms would have been higher.  The boys spent more time fetching pucks than playing!
The older boys were worried about busting a hip on the uneven ice.  Sadly,  the sponsors didn’t pop a hole in the ice and pump water on it to glass it up, ie,  get it even.

Hoping this ice crap will be over soon. ..
24 days till SPRING!

© Ilex – Midwestern Plants

4 thoughts on “Midwest Winter Fun – Lake Hockey

  1. I wondered about the texture of the surface! As kids we ice skated on our pond and at times in certain places that as near impossible do to the uneven surface. Sounds like an interesting day!



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