10,000 Views – A Good Start

Another plateau has been had here at Midwestern Plants:


I really want to THANK YOU, my awesome followers for the support and comradery you bring to my blog!!

It was almost one year ago that I started Midwestern Plants. It has been an amazing ride attempting to provide interesting (and funny) stories relating to the Plants of the Midwest, (plus other related topics).

I truly hope to continue to write entertaining posts that will continue to motivate others to enjoy the outdoors and get plantin’!!


© Ilex – Midwestern Plants

9 thoughts on “10,000 Views – A Good Start

  1. Yeah congratulations that’s a milestone indeed & in a year! You’re good! It wasn’t too long ago that I found you on WordPress but it was after the growing season if I remember correctly and I am anticipating learning from you and sharing backyard adventures as Spring comes under way. So much to look forward to!

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with so many people!


    • Thanks! Yeah, when I started this post last year, it was right after I saw my first spring bulb. I wasn’t really thinking about what I would be posting in the winter. In October, I started thinkin’ to myself, um, yeah, what the heck am I going to write about? I’ve got a few houseplants, but that won’t carry me…. It was actually quite frustrating.. going from posting almost daily to 1X a week, if that. I decided I would need to expand my blog to include some random topics (to keep my momentum), hopefully without loosing my ‘gardening’ followers. Oddly, my top post (which gets about 30 hits a day) is my post on using playing cards to read your future! I do continue to giggle at that.
      I do have a lot planned for the coming growing season, and look forward to sharing notes with you!!


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