Start to Think About Spring Flower Container Displays!!

Here we are again…. SPRING!!! It’s been a brutal winter for most of the U.S. Even down in Alabama, during late December, we experienced 28F. Although last year (March 20th to be exact) I marked the thermometer at 16F (it was 78F in 2012). Today the weather folks project a fine 57F… As I am writing this yesterday, we’ll see if it comes to fruition.

At the landscape company I work for we are just starting to order our materials for the spring pots. Last year we did have a few issues with them freezing, but it is always a risk to install Spring pots. In all honesty, I can totally understand the need to see some kind of color in the yard… However, the risks are great for freezing, they are only in their prime for a month and they don’t come cheap, our average for what you’re seeing below is $250. We install these around the second week of April and they get switched out for the summer containers in mid-May.

For a list of typical materials we use and more photos from last year, click here!

spring pot 2 spring pot1 spring pot 3 spring pot 5 spring pot 6  spring pot 9 spring pot 7  spring pot 66 spring pot 8 spring pot 33

© Ilex Farrell ~ Midwestern Plant Girl

9 thoughts on “Start to Think About Spring Flower Container Displays!!

  1. Those are really beautiful! Well done. Thanks for sharing, their color gets me excited for spring even though most of my flower bed is still covered in snow. No doubt you’re even more excited watching these supplies come in. 🙂

    Stay warm!


      • Gosh I know, we’ve definitely got weeks of cold still upon us but I’m keeping myself preoccupied with indoor plants. My African Violet is flowering again! Yeah!!


        • Perfect! I love those lil guys! I follow a photographer in South Africa. . I’ve asked her to get a pix of these in the wild, I haven’t seen it yet, but it would just seem so weird to see them in their element. I think they look so delicate, but they sure are tougher plants than many think. It’s supposed to be nice today. . Mid 50s. I think I will say f-it on my chores and go find a forest preserve to walk.


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