Raised Veggie Beds

The day finally came last weekend.

The first warm day of Spring that my lazy a$$ got out to enjoy some yard-work! Every Spring, I add compost to the garden beds and the asparagus beds.


This is my three different types of garlic. I side-dressed them with compost, meaning I put a small amount next to the rows or crowns of the plants, but did not cover them. This will allow the benefits of the compost to seep through the soil to the roots, but won’t bury the crown, causing growing issues.


Here’s the whole main garden where 1 1/2 cubic yards of compost was just spread.


This is my established asparagus bed. The orange tape is to help remind the dogs to keep off!! We planted this bed about 7 years ago. I’m not sure how many pounds we actually harvest each year, but my guess would be about 20 lbs. After the harvest, I’ll update if my guess was in the ball park.


This asparagus bed was planted two years ago. That year was hotter than all get out. They weren’t that happy to be growing that year. I feel they were set back a bit from that. We’ll see if we can harvest off these this year….

Β© Ilex – Midwestern Plants

8 thoughts on “Raised Veggie Beds

  1. Nice set-ups. Three-times of garlic eh? Mmm, may I ask what they are? I’ve heard of garlic and elephant garlic but my culinary expertise is just not there. Do you make your own compost or get it from the store? I’ve always wanted to make my own. When I was a kid Asparagus grew wild in our wood pile, it was kind of weird but exciting.

    I hope yours grow well and you harvest an abundance. It is delicious cooked with some garlic and sea salt!


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