Sunrise – I’m Not Beating Her to Work Anymore


These are most likely the last, colorful bunch of sunrises I’ll get to shoot as good Ol’ Sol is getting to be an early riser. These photos are consistently taken at 7 AM, as that is when I start work. Technically, she is rising here at about 6:18 they say.




© Ilex – Midwestern Plants

11 thoughts on “Sunrise – I’m Not Beating Her to Work Anymore

  1. Hi, Just read your comments on another blog about Kurt Cobain. Good girl! You hang in there. I don’t want to take sides but I did drop a comment Can I show you?
    This is it.
    Can I reply to another person’s reply? I don’t know I’ve only been a blogger for three months. Harris did you read Midwestern Plant Girl’s blog before you got stuck into her. If not go and read it. I think she understands more than you think she does. I only just read her’s and I only just read Blood and Thunder. I’m only 71 and we all have shit to deal with and if it’s not my suicide it’s a friend’s or a friend of a friend. And we keep on keeping on. Anyway, best of luck to you all from Australia. Check out my blog, it’s not all about depression and stuff. I make some good beer and whisky as well.
    Now back to you, If you do check out my blog its about all sorts of stuff and Blood Lilies.


    • Thanks for having my back there! The point I was trying to make was: If the press is going to sensationalize suicide by having yearly ‘remembrance’ days, isn’t this sending the wrong idea/message to suicidal people that they will be sensationalized on a yearly basis themselves? The blogger could have written that post any day of the week about her condition, but she chose to use Kurt as a neon sign. I just had 2 friends commit suicide in January. I’ve also got depression, so I do know the drill.
      Thanks again & your blog looks down-right interesting – enough to click the follow button =-) Can’t wait to read more about Down-under, butterflies and whiskey!! =-D


  2. Hi, I have just got on to your blog via my brothers (suchled) you have amazing photos of your flowers and sunrises and I look forward to seeing more. Suchled’s blog is a rare insight into his and our family with his great Australian sense of humour and compassion, when he teaches me how to post photos I might include some of mine, I work in a garden nursery in my neighbourhood, a wonderful way to earn a living.


    • I’m very flattered, thank you! Your brother does have a great sense of humor and I enjoy his blog. I hope he teaches you how to post photos soon, as I would love to see more nursery flower photos! 🌺 You do have my envy to work at a nursery. I wish I played with plants just a bit more in my job. 😀


  3. Oh I agree with your last reply Ilex, I think it would be great to work at a greenhouse.

    Your second and third sunrise photos are my favorite as I enjoy the dimension the clouds bring, they make the colors even more artistic. The third one has some beautiful pastels in it. Nice captures, I hope you get to capture some more throughout the season, I know I’ve got to get some myself.

    Thanks for sharing!


    • Thanks! These are all taken at 7am. I’m up at 4:45 (posting comments!) But not out of my pj’s yet. I also don’t do any post editing and I’m amazed at that a camerone can do sometimes! I don’t think I’ll be taking sunrises again until the days get shorter… Maybe I will switch to sunsets! 🌅


      • There ya go, mix it up! I love them both but tend to make sunsets more…lol. That sounds like a good way to stay on track of comments. I’m newer to the blogging scene and keeping up so I’m still finding that balance.


          • I agree. I think it’s kind of a responsibility really. Why are you sharing publicly if you don’t want to engage with people? I know sometimes people have so many followers it gets crazy and sometimes comments are their own thing. But I know as a follower of blogs myself it’s nice to hear back from the person every once in a while, otherwise you sort of move on without thinking about it sometimes.

            There’s so many blogs out there, tricky part is in visiting your “stash” & keeping up with them! I love that with WordPress though we have this reader and notification system. It’s really pretty easy to keep up with comments and know when someone’s commented.

            Great system.


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