Spring Blooming Flowers 5-30-2014

Although it was a short work week, I was not short of work this week!!

I am behind on my posting of blooming flowers, hopefully I will catch-up this weekend. Thank you for your patience!!

Click HERE to see what was blooming last year!!


Trillium recurvatum – Prairie Trillium
Many folks mix this one up with Trillium erectum – Red trillium


Mertensia virginica – Virginia bluebell


Sanguinaria canadensis – Bloodroot


Salvia ‘May Night’


Euphorbia – Not sure of the variety


Syringa vulgarus – Common Lilac

These are oh so sweet smelling!!

image Physalis philadelphica – tomatillo

I’ve never grown these, however they looked interesting!!


Malus domestica – Apple


Pulmonaria officinalis – Lungwort

© Ilex – Midwestern Plants

13 thoughts on “Spring Blooming Flowers 5-30-2014

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