Summer Annual Containers 2014

I so enjoy our seasonal flower displays, summer being the most colorful, I think! They are always magical. Our maintenance manager comes up with many of these beautiful designs. She is so talented!!

Our first wave of annuals came on the day after winter precipitation day.. Although we did snug them up for the evening..


These came later. Oh so smelly. Sadly, I don’t get time to play with the flowers any more. I’m too busy with quotes, filing permits and the dreary runnings-on of a small office and a person who wears too many hats and hates Excel. A N Y W A Y …

I would kill for her job…. Mua-ha-ha-ha!

Enjoy the photos!!


Iwpid-20140527_125510.jpg wpid-20140527_125525.jpg







IMG_1585 IMG_1686



3 thoughts on “Summer Annual Containers 2014

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