Spring Blooming Flowers 6-03-2014

The weather has been so much nicer after Memorial Day, although this week has many possibilities for storms. The mosquitoes have been horrible. Where did those incarnates of hell’s furry evolve from? Gaaaa!

Click HERE to see what was Blooming last year!


Packera aurea – Golden ragwort


Unknown grass – It just looked all shimmery in the sun.


Lonicera albiflora – White Honeysuckle


Baby Bur oak


Actaea rubra – Red Baneberry or also called dolls eyes, for the creepy way the white berries look like psycho dolls eyes! Don’t eat these!!


Geranium maculatum – Wild geranium


Maianthemum racemosum – False Solomon’s Seal


Phlox pilosa – Prairie phlox

© Ilex – Midwestern Plants

10 thoughts on “Spring Blooming Flowers 6-03-2014

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