Pickled Asparagus – Almost Better Than XXXX!!

I’m a devout Bloody Mary fan and have found many substitutes for the boring celery uncreative bars serve. I use: Shrimp, horseradish cheese and sausage (among other things) I’ve even seen sausage straws now! If you’ve been to Wisconsin, you know that your Bloody Mary is served with a ‘sidecar’ of beer (a 4oz juice glass). There is also a pickle in lieu of the celery. Or a fav of mine, a pickled artichoke from Wolski’s of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This area has a strong German immigrant influence, I myself having the same background, must be born-to-pickle!!

So why not use what you’ve got in plenty like the asparagus! I’ve found these in the hoidy-toidy shops for crazy prices and thought, “I’m so making that!” And here is what I did!

These are like refrigerator pickles where they are only good for about a month in the fridge. I did ‘boil bath’ them. This was my first time making them, so I’m not sure how soon you can open them, however I opened mine after a week and they were fabulous!!

I will give this recipe as ratios to how many jars you make. I kinda made this up as I went along, you see…

I made three jars. Two were the full size asparagus, the last was pieces cut to about 1 1/2 inches (bite-sized) and were of varying thickness. I researched that smaller diameter sprouts were preferred, after trying the first jar, it has to do with cooking, as (duh) the smaller ones cook faster. I prepared my jars by boiling them (or dishwasher) remove. Use the same water to boil bath them! It’s already hot.

Feel free to lessen the vinegar here, I like them strong, I ate a half of a jar in one sitting with no issue of them being too strong.

Using the jars you will be canning with, use this ratio: 2 waters : 1 jar of white vinegar : 1/2 cup pickling salt (kosher salt can be used). As I suck in math myself….  This made three jars. If concerned, make more. – Bring this to a light boil.

Wash and cut asparagus to fit into respective jars you are using.


I then blanched the asparagus for a few minutes. image

I filled each jar with:

1/2 tea – dill

1/2 – 1 tea – garlic

Dash of red pepper – WhooHaa!



Stuff them into the jar! The heating process will shrink them. I find holding the jar on it’s side while shaking works them in best. You do not want them hitting the lid, a few ok, but not all.


Fill with vinegar mix until about 1/2 inch from the top. Clean the rim and finger tighten lid on. Lower into boil bath, being sure water is at least an inch over the top. Boil for about 10 minutes. Using bottle tongs, lift out an allow to cool and place in refrigerator. I let them sit for a week.


Nom-Nom-Nom!!! OMG these are the BESTEST!!!

These are great for your digestive system along with being a great veggie that’s  high in vitamins.

© Ilex – Midwestern Plants

10 thoughts on “Pickled Asparagus – Almost Better Than XXXX!!

  1. Oh wow, you had me at pickled asparagus, but then I went week in the knees over a sausage straw. I SO MISS WISCONSIN!
    And I miss all the wonky pickled things we used to put in big jars behind the counter of any old lakeside pub. Those were the days.


    • Yes! I forgot about the large jars of pickled eggs (dyed pink), pig’s feet and beef jerky all available for snackin’ at the bars I’d frequent. It was always interesting to see someone order one. .. This also reminds me of the drink ‘Red Eye’. Tomato juice, beer and an egg. Ah, a true Wisconsin breakfast!


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