Obnoxious Dog Ball From Hell

Obnoxious is probably the best word I could ponder-up for the sound this ball extrudes. I mean, the word has an ‘X’ in it, how obnoXious is that!?

The red/white stripped ball made it’s first debut in Dilemmas in a Dog’s Life II. In all honesty, I have no recollection where this ball came from, as we would never buy a toy that emits squeaks, let alone any noise really. What’s wrong with bones? Bones are mostly quiet, unless they decide to chew it on the hardwood and not on the carpet…

One Month Ago…

Oreo found this ball. When I heard it for the first time, I admit I giggled and thought to myself, “Where did he find that!”. I didn’t think much of it, as usually toys like that do not have a long half-life in this house. I just need to pay attention to when it has turned into pieces and then Mom needs to be the bad guy and throw it away. I was actually quite impressed with the longevity the squeaker has stayed intact. It has been five weeks now.

After the first week, I decided to turn this into an ‘outside ball’. Usually this designation is only reserved for tennis balls, as the green fuzz not only holds icky stuff, but if brought inside, the boys feel the need to ‘de-fuzz’ it and then there’s green fuzz everywhere and other places this poster just won’t go… The funny part is they will chase this squeaky ball when thrown, but it doesn’t get squeaked nearly as much as it did inside. Figures!!


© Ilex – Midwestern Plants

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