My Dogs as Cartoons

Sometimes I am bored and start cruising the Web aimlessly. ..
Most of the time, I do find something interesting. I do generally seek out educational type things.. However, sometimes I find something that is totally fun! is a fun site to play on when the boss is away! There are many pets to choose from dogs to rabbits to cats. They have many breeds also. All colors are available for coat, eyes, nose. .. There are themes like holidays and backgrounds. You can even buy merchandise with the photo on it.
Please share a cartoon version of your pet or create your own imaginary pet!





Β© Ilex – Midwestern Plants

21 thoughts on “My Dogs as Cartoons

  1. Hi Ilex, I have missed your posts. They are not showing up in my feed, but so are a lot of posts from others I follow. I miss your great gardening posts and your fabulous sense of humor. 😘😬🙋. ~Barb


    • I have had that happen to me also, where blogs I follow have gone MIA from my reader. Not sure why. I refollow and that usually clears it up. πŸ˜€
      Glad I’m back! Hope your garden is going well! 🍅🍅🌱


  2. The most wonderful and entertaining dog I ever had was a border collie! She died 6 years ago but I cherish every moment and memory I got to share with her. Love reading about your collies! Thanks so much for sharing! (and oh yeah….I like the rest of your blog too!)


  3. Awe. This is cute! I used to have border collies, too! They really are the smartest dogs ever. Thank you for liking my painting of Peanut. If you like my style and ever find yourself wanting a painting of these precious pups, please feel free to contact me. Have a wonderful day!


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