Last Day of Spring Blooming Flowers 6-20-2014

Chance of storms all week with mid 80’sF all week. It’s officially SUMMER!!

Click HERE to see what was blooming last year!image

About two weeks after we planted our carrots, my husband thought the seeds had washed out of their hills down into the cauliflower. I knew the leaves looked odd to me, however with only a quick glance, I agreed they had moved. It only took another week of growing to realize these ain’t no carrots… it’s good ‘ol dill! See the similarities in the leaves (Dill on left)? When they were smaller, they looked more alike.

All this dill was not officially planted by me, it’s all volunteer seed from last year. This is a bit more than normal, however, I’ve stopped officially planting it 4 years ago. It always comes up somewhere in the garden, why buy seed? This goes for my cherry tomatoes also. I’ve stopped planting them, somewhere a volunteer will emerge and I’ll let it grow.



Athyrium niponicum var. pictum and Athyrium filix-femina – Ghost Fern

imageLathyrus odoratus – Sweet pea

Annual flower


Bombycilla cedrorum – Cedar waxwing
First time I’ve seen one!


The bosses, son’s, new dog. Aren’t they cute when they are quiet and resting? Darn it all, my job description just got ‘dog sitter’ added to it.


Philadelphus ‘Buckley’s Quill’ – Buckley’s Quill Mock Orange
These were so sweet smelling. Whhhiiiiffff…. mmmmmm!!


Begonia semperflorens – Double begonias
An annual here. I really love the color of this one and it was fairly accurately represented in this shot.


Weed – Anyone?


A praying mantis egg – Mantidae
There are a huge amount of babies in here. I’ve seen them emerge from the egg on a windy day. They literally jumped into the air and blew away! I found this at work in a viburnum bush. I brought it home to place near the asparagus to try to mitigate the beetles. They should be hatching shortly.

© Ilex – Midwestern Plants

16 thoughts on “Last Day of Spring Blooming Flowers 6-20-2014

  1. I wonder if the word “dill” has the same two meanings there as here. eg “You’d be a dill if you mistook dill for carrot” = Here we have quite a problem with young kids mistaking hemlock for carrot. They are in the same family, I think its umbelliferae. And we have a few deaths now and then, and a circus came to town and they let their elephants graze on some hemlock. One dead elephant.


  2. Holy comoly, your garden is simply stunning, and I’d be totally blissed out to simply perch on the edge of it and eat my way through while gazing appreciatively at the rest of your inedible blossoms.
    Gorgeous stuff, indeed–and to boot, there’d be a minor episode of Nat Geo watching the Praying Mantis escape. 😛


    • Manti are fun little friends that ride on your shoulder! I had planned on planting some mock orange this spring, however the nursery ran out. This year has been horrible at the nurseries. The winter was hard on the plants.


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