Wildlife Rescue II

Laundry isn’t my fav chore, however there are many other chores I hate more… I usually try to get it over with quickly. I turn on the washer and then get my soap, etc. ready for dumping. I lifted the lid to throw in my clothes and noticed debris on the bottom…image

This looks like a leaf, right? Not so out-of-the-ordinary to see plant material in my washing machine… However, leaves don’t move when your hand gets within an inch of it!! Gaaa!

OK, I’m not much of a ‘Shrieking Sharon’ I just retracted my paw quickly and reassessed how to remove the lil’ wet guy. I donned my winter gloves that were still on my coat rack (Lazy ass!!) and a flexible cup. This made for a quick capture.


I don’t know mouse ages, but this guy must have been pretty young, not more than the size of a cherry tomato. Although I did think he was old enough to be taken outside to the woodpile to live out his life. I did bring a piece of bread out there, in case he was hungry. =-)

I showed my co worker the mouse pic (who hates mice) and she freaked! “Ahhhh! You TOUCHED it?!?”

It was worth it.

Wildlife Rescue I

© Ilex – Midwestern Plants

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