Summer Blooming Flowers 7-01-2014

Click HERE to see what was blooming last year!image

Malva alcea – Hollyhock Mallow


Silphium perfoliatum – Cupplant

You can clearly see why it’s called this!!


Pisum sativum var. macrocarpon – Snap peas


Must – Save – The – Children!!


Morus alba – Mulberries! These are a fav of mine. My dad used to pay us kids $5 to pick a 8 oz. bowl of these. It was quite easy, we knew where the best shrubs were.


Fragaria vesca – Wild strawberries (they’re bitter)


Melilotus officinalis – Sweet clover


Fuzzy man on boxwood


Gomphrena globosa – Globe amaranths

© Ilex – Midwestern Plants

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