I Want To Go To The Basement. Now.

I’ve mentioned how my dogs freak out during storms, fireworks and general loud noises. Gun dogs they are not!


Bath tub for two… Right this way. Even treats go unnoticed!

The old dog has taught the young one how to be scared. That sucks.

We have noticed the intelligence of these two. They learn daily from watching our repetitive, human behaviors that we do with no thought, quite mechanically in fact…

  • How I have the habit of taking them out after a phone call. They go to the door when I say “goodbye”. I must be on the phone though, saying “goodbye” doesn’t work alone.
  • When I brush my teeth, they think I’m leaving and go to their spots.
  • I can tell Oreo to find his brother and he will seek Breck out.

These are just a few of their brainy activities!

Here’s one of the newer ones… Breck has learned to open the garage to house door, as it has a handle-type door knob and pushes in. He obviously gets the idea of the ‘door knob’. We recently had some bad weather push though. He must have really wanted to get to the safety of the basement as this is what he did to the basement door knob!! Sadly this door opened in.

Β image


Β© Ilex – Midwestern Plants

9 thoughts on “I Want To Go To The Basement. Now.

    • I feel that because they stop all their nervous behavior (panting, licking, tail tucking) after they get in the tub, I let them be there. I reeeeally don’t want to drug them. My friend had a dog that requires tranquilizing for storms. He’s a dope for days…. Well, when he’s not being his normal, Labrador, dope self! Ha!


  1. So similar to my border collies! Tooth brushing is also one of the most exciting times of the day as boots and jacket come next and then OUT!


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