Happy Independence Day


Having a cool mojito poolside!
Where else but the U.S.A. can you afford such luxury? ?

1 1/2 oz of light rum
2 tbsn sugar syrup (simple syrup)
12 mint leaves
Lime wedges
Club soda

Bruise the leaves in the glass.Β (Smash them!!)
In a tumbler mix the rum, simple syrup, and lime, shake. Dump into glass and add club soda to fill.
Ahhhh! So refreshing!

Enjoy your Fourth!

Β© Ilex – Midwestern Plants

8 thoughts on “Happy Independence Day

    • Thanks! I would never wish a winters day on anyone. I also wonder why I still live somewhere where it gets as cold as it does (last winter -20F or -28C. I just learned -40 is the same F & C interesting! ) I could go live in our Southern states and only see snow if I want to drive to it. THAT is what I’m talking’bout!! 😎


    • I had to search out what got meant in your comment.
      Seems the Bacardi’s had their Havana Club manufacturing plant taken by Castro and the Cuban gov in 1960. Later in the U.S., the Bacardi’s sued for the copyright on Havana Club and won the recipe rights and now can be made here in the U.S.
      Cuba is pissed as not only are they under an embargo and can’t sell it here. But, if it were lifted, Barcardi’s still would own the rights to it.
      It’s hard for me to feel sorry for Cuba. ..


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