Horror house of serra de estrela dogs

Good day Dear Readers!
I read with great sadness the treatment and deplorable conditions these poor dogs have been through and had to help. The volunteers at Dogs of Portugal are great folks that do what they can for our fur friends, however they need our help also. Please donate if you can. Also give them a “follow”, they have many fur friends waiting for faces to lick and to cuddle and keep you warm! Thank you for your time!


A former breeder of serra de estrela dogs in the north of Portugal had over 30 dogs of that breed that he kept in horrible conditions. The only thing that the dogs were doing was breeding. The females had litter at every heat.
The dogs lived in shed and containers without windows and were let out only once a day for around an hour. They had no human contact apart from the “breeder” who beat them up with a stick to go back to the containers after the “walk”. They ate whatever but we also suspected they ate bodies of those that died. They have never seen a vet, never been vaccinated, never dewormed.

We participated in a rescue of those dogs. The man agreed to give away some of them, unfortunately not all. We welcomed in the shelter Cantinho da Milu four dogs. They are now Bela, Conde, Lord…

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