Summer Blooming Flowers 7-18-2014

Happy Friday!!
Yesterday, I got to work outside all day and it was great! I had to sort the nursery stock area and stage plants for upcoming jobs. I worked with the brother-in-law ‘S’ of the owner. My boss doesn’t really like the guy, but ya know, he’s f a m i l y. S and I don’t have the same work ethic, but he would do anything for someone he deems a friend. That makes him a good man in my eyes.
S is also a very patient man. A very patient man. He was able to teach me how to drive the skid steer! Although he (without raising his voice or getting injured) pulled off a great feat, He will keep it to himself, as if the boss knew I knew how to operate it, I’d be unloading all the trucks… No! Not another thing added to my job description!!

Enjoy your weekend!!

Click HERE to see what was blooming last year.


Potentilla fruticosa – Bush Cinquefoil



The first ‘Purple Palace’ was discovered in a palace in England and is believed to be a H. micrantha × H. villosa hybrid,which then were crossed with H. americana to get many other purple leafed varieties.




This irks me getting old… Also perhaps that I’m not as OCD as I think. I don’t label my photos. Bad, I know. I can usually recall about when I took the photo and search that way.  I know this one… Even had it named in a 2013 blooming post. These bloom for a very long time and I could have taken 2013’s photo basically anytime. Long story short, Anyone got this? EDIT: Campanula rapunculoides – Creeping bellflower. Thanks to my staff.


Hemerocallis fulva – Some call them ditch lilies as they are usually found in culverts.


I again am having some staff issues. I’m under deadline to post, and can’t find the ID. Maybe it’s time for a nap. I’ve recently learned there are masters of the art of ‘Nap-Fu’.



© Ilex – Midwestern Plants

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