Mysteries of a Border Collie Brain…


Dogs are many things, pets, family, coworkers, friends, protectors, snuggle buddies… The list goes on… However, sometimes they are just not understood at all.

Dogs can’t tell you that they feel weird or that they are in pain. They think that whatever they need to do to right themselves must be done by themselves. This is why dogs eat rough textured leaves and grasses to throw-up something that is bothering their bellies. This part of the equation I understand.

The part that I don’t understand is where my dog decides to actually place the ‘throw-up’. Sometimes, like humans, the ejection button gets pressed and you’re no where convenient to place the deposit. I have been there and completely understand that in these situations, wherever you are is where it’s going to land. However, on the other hand, when there looks to be a strategic placement of the erupted mess, I wonder if there wasn’t some thought behind it.

We have a one acre yard. One FULL acre to throw-up in at your leisure. ANYWHERE you’d like to let that eruption take place….

Yet, here is where Oreo decided to puke. Right on top of daddy’s shorts. 😯

Daddy wasn’t happy.


© Ilex – Midwestern Plants

15 thoughts on “Mysteries of a Border Collie Brain…

  1. That’s love, isn’t it?

    My border collie will come to me, any time of night, to let me know she’s going to throw up. Often it’s right on me. That is love.


  2. I have cats that bring half eaten rats and the guts of rabbits to the back door as gifts. And they go over to my brew room and leave me presents right near the still. I’d rather a dog outside. A back door mat is closer to the house than the acre backyard your little wonder chose.


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