Summery Blooming Flowers 7-25-2014

Finally, Fooking Friday!! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!

Click HERE to see what was blooming last year!

Shirley in the aster fam, leucanthemum formerly chrysanthemum… was in someone’s yard.

Dianthus (?)

Veronica ‘First Lady’ – Speedwell

Echinacea ‘Pink Double Delight’ – coneflower


Lupinus densiflorus – Lupine

Carex pensylvanica – Sedge

Phlox – not sure of variety

Astrantia major ‘Roma’ – masterwort

These are a new favorite of mine.

Astrantia major ‘Vanilla gorilla’ – masterwort

© Ilex – Midwestern Plants

17 thoughts on “Summery Blooming Flowers 7-25-2014

  1. The last two – masterwort. Are they what might be called weeds in some people’s mind or is it just that a weed is something easy to grow that looks good. Like we have Capeweed that turns whole paddocks golden but we spend Big $$$ on roundup to kill it because it out grows all the pasture crops.


    • Well, I can say that it isn’t a problem here and we do plant it as a desirable plant. Its not that aggressive in the garden. However, any plant that is not native to an area has the potential of becoming a problem. Many plants were brought from Europe when folks came here. We’re still battling to rid them today also. Buckthorn, osage orange, purple loosestrife, garlic mustard and many more. .. So many undesirables, so little RoundUp! Ha!


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