Póg Mo Thóin!


I thought this wine was a great pairing with the pickles I was about to make. Alas, it is green, just like my pickles. Many folks might not understand my wine pairings, to which I then let them have some Póg mo thóin!

I love a little Póg mo thóin when I’ve had a bad day. I love to tell others when they have caused my bad day to enjoy some Póg mo thóin also. Sometimes I love to shout to the world Póg mo thóin! You all! Póg mo thóin! is the best wine around to enjoy on a Friday.

I hope you have a wonderful Friday, if not, you can Póg mo thóin!
© Ilex – Midwestern Plants

14 thoughts on “Póg Mo Thóin!

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